Thursday, January 11, 2007

Viewing PPT created on Mac on a PC

I know this isn't about data mining, but I had to vent on this one...

So my daughter created a PPT presentation on a mac, and I tried to print it to a printer from my laptop. We copied the file over to my PC, and I got the dreaded "QuickTime and a TIFF (LZW) decompressor are needed to see this picture" error for all the graphics. I do a google search, and most of the solutions are "you messed up doing drag&drop on your mac--you MUST save the images to a file and then do a Picture->From File import of the images into the presentation". Now I've messed with computers for a lot of years, and this just isn't the way things should be done. The other solutions were things like "create a web page, uncompress the compressed images, and then reimport the images into PPT". Well, it's already 1am and I'm not in much of a mood to redo my daughter's presentation (while she blissfully sleeps).

So, there's another solution (There had to be an easier way). I just exported the file on the mac as a TIFF file (multipage). Voila-it saves all the images as ...well...TIFF (probably not some funky image format within the TIFF wrapper) rather than compressed PICT and it worked like a charm. (I suspect that there are other exports that would work as well). Now why wasn't that on the web as a solution....?


Anonymous said...

it is now.

Unknown said...

Thanks, worked fine! But I have to agree, this is NOT the way things should be done!

Monopoly anyone?