Thursday, November 04, 2010

Predictive Analytics Summit - Analytics Titles

I'm at the Predictive Analytics Summit in San Francisco. It is interesting to see the titles of Analytics people at the conference (here). They include CTO/Senior/Manager/VP of a variety of analytics variants: Predictive Analytics, Marketing Analytics, just Analytics, Data Analytics, Research & Analytics, Quant Research, etc. Others not here but that I've seen include Business Analytics and the variety of Data Mining titles.

There has been a lot of hype about data mining and predictive analytics being a great field to be in. It's interesting to me that (1) Predictive Analytics is so often part of the title now, lending credence to this term becoming a standard term companies use, and (2) the variety of ways quantitive modeling is described.

This conference is just one of many taking place in a short time period, including Predictive Analytics World, SAS M2010, IBM Information on Demand, and Teradata Partners conference, the SuperMath Conference in San Diego, and the ACM Data Mining Bootcamp in San Jose. Too many to attend all of them!

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TimManns said...

Hi Dean,

This post was floating around my head for a while, and made me curious how "data mining" and "analytics" terms in general had changed in popularity.

I consulted the all-knowing omnipotent Google, see;

- it shows a steady growth of the search term "Analytics" but absolutely zero growth of "Data Mining" which suggests to me we should be seeing many more job titles containing "Analytics" rather than "Data Mining".

Weirdest thing is now I work for an analytics provider/vendor I'm simply called a "Business Consultant", is that because analytics and data mining is becoming 'the' current business fashion? :)

- Tim