Thursday, January 16, 2014

Data Science and Big Data Search Trends

These are from google trends.

Data science is growing, but still way behind other traditional terms for our field such as data mining, predictive analytics and machine learning. Big data on the other hand is growing rapidly and outpacing other fields.

This page for now is just an FYI that I may refer to in today's DM Radio show, "Blinded by Data Science"  ( ). I hope to turn it into a more cogent blog post soon (but no promises!)

“data science”

“data science” vs. “data mining”

“data science vs. predictive analytics”

“data science” vs. “machine learning”

“data science city”

“big data”

“big data” city

“big data” vs. “data science”

“big data” vs. “data mining”

“big data” vs. “predictive analytics”

“big data” vs. “machine learning”

“predictive analytics”

“big data” vs. “data science” city

“big data” vs. “data mining” city

“predictive analytics” city

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